Konfiguration von GRUB

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Configuration of GRUB:

the configuration file is on the (first) boot floppy in \boot\grub\menu.lst (actually in menu.gz = compressed format which may be edited with F4 in midnight commander).

Here is an example entry in menu.lst: (every paragraph is one single line in menu.lst; the parameter cfgdev refers to configuration file spblinux/|spbcfg)

title Net config=1, addons from basics, doc

echo loading kernel and ramdisk ...

kernel /boot/kernel vga=791 spbrootsize=32 root=/dev/sda1 spbconf=cfgdev=sda1,addons:subdir=basics:doc,net:config=1 reboot=warm no-hlt panic=30

initrd /boot/ramdisk

vga=791 selects the vesa 1024x768 mode

spbrootsize=32 selects the size of the ramdisk (32MB)

color depth 640x480 800x600 1024x768 1280x1024 1400x1050 1600x1200
256 (8bit) 769 771 773 775 Attach:spacer.gif Δ Attach:spacer.gif Δ
32000 (15bit) 784 787 790 793 Attach:spacer.gif Δ Attach:spacer.gif Δ
65000 (16bit) 785 788 791 794 834 884
16.7 Mio. (24bit) 786 789 792 795 Attach:spacer.gif Δ Attach:spacer.gif Δ

spbconf=... defines one big kernel parameter which configures SPB-Linux (see also file /etc/spb.conf):

  • keys=ge, keys=sg or keys=us (german, swiss german or us keyboard layout; us keyboard is default)
  • lng=ge, lng=us (midnight commander F2 menu in german or in english language; english is default)
  • cfgdev=sda1 (the next parameters are read from file /spblinux/spbcfg in /dev/sda1; useful because the length of the linux boot commandline is limited)
  • addons:subdir=basics:doc load bz2-addons from subfolders basics and doc (in folder spblinux)
  • spbwait=15 wait for second floppy (with init6.bz2); only required when booting from floppy
  • addons:changefloppy=yes load additional bz2-addons from a third floppy and prompt user to insert this floppy

Good to know: when the grub boot menu is displayed, you can type e and edit the boot parameters during the boot process.