Certificate Manager Installation

How to apply the boot-officers as soft token?

If you need to bootstrap a CM server without having card readers at hand f.e. on laptops you can alternatively do this with softtoken.

To do so the following files are needed:


so1.pse / so1.p12
so2.pse / so2.p12
  1. Copy the installation of the CM software from CD to a local drive.
  2. BEFORE starting the installation copy the files 'cablob.bin' and 'keyblob.bin' in this directory 'bootkeys_soft_pse' into the subdirectory 'bootkeys' of the CM installation.

    Otherwise if you have not used the soft boot key you should do this:

    In database CMDB delete all entries in

    (i.e. delete from AdminStore etc.)
  3. Install CM with all required components.
  4. Start SmartTrust Personal (Administration Utility) and add the tokens 'so1.p12' and 'so2.p12'

You should now be able to log on to CM using the AWB client.