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Client-to-CM connection problem

Problem description:

  1. Start a client (AWB,CC or RA)
  2. select server to connect to
  3. enter the officer PIN

After a few seconds the client terminates with message below :


 The Certificate Controller could not be started.
There was a problem with the /installation C:\Programme\Nexus\Certificate Manager\Clients com.id2tech.cm.rc.Rrc 



 at se.nexus.cm.hash.SignatureAlgorithms.<init>(Unknown Source)
 at com.id2tech.cm.entity.CertProcedure.listAllSignatureAlgorithms(Unknown Source)
 at com.id2tech.cm.client.ClientApp.setConnection(Unknown Source)
 at com.id2tech.cm.client.ClientApp.selectLatestConnection(Unknown Source)
 at com.id2tech.cm.rc.Rrc.start(Unknown Source)
 at com.id2tech.cm.client.ClientLauncher.start(Unknown Source)
 at com.id2tech.cm.client.ClientLauncher.run(Unknown Source)
 at com.id2tech.cm.client.ClientLauncher.main(Unknown Source)



The reason is that the parameter CM.HostName in cm.conf is wrongly set. It should represent the FQDN according to the entry in the DNS server!